Updates and News:

December 11th 2015:
Good Evening everyone!!! Head on over to our facebook page for a HUGE Holiday Contest! One lucky winner will receive a 200 dollar gift certificate for a custom ring commission!! So Click Here and head on over to the page and enter!!
December 8th 2015:
Happy Holidays everyone! Well this has been a busy busy week. The comissions keep rolling in and we are trying like mad to keep up with the demand. However we will say that at this point if you want a ring for christmas the clock is ticking. Some of these items take a long time to produce for you. Some are a little quicker than others so please make sure you check the estimated delivery time before you order. With that said I had better get back to work as I just heard another ding which means another person just comissioned us!
November 20th 2015:
We just finished up one of our latest creations! A client comissioned us to recreate the ring from the Jurassic World movie. When we were approached with the project we admit the challenge intrigued us. However after a lot of scratching our heads and some creative resin work from bats I think the end result is pretty breathtaking! Once again Christoph outdid himself and the results are incredible! 
November 19th 2015:
Today one of our clients posted his brand new ring on his facebook site. The client was non other than Jason Mewes! Hands down one of the most fun loving clients we have ever worked with. He was a total blast to hang out with during ACBC and he really seemed to take a shine to our work. So when the opportunity came to create something just for him we knew we had to step things up a notch. The results were better than we ever hoped. Thank you again Jason and we hope to work with you again some day!